Artist Duncan Gutteridge came to me with an idea this spring about a girl, who at the coming of age went on the hunt for her parents. Nothing new there you might say, but hold on a minute, what if her parents were an angel and a demon?  And they had been cast out of both Heaven and Hell because of their affection for each other.  And what if the child could feel neither love nor hatred and if she did there would be catastrophic consequences, further more she was on Earth, whilst her parents were in limbo. 


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After admitting the story had great scope, Duncan and I planned the project carefully and are now in full flow creating the new book; which is to be titled ‘Malison – The Cursed’.

At the age of 18, Malison is told by a friend of her background.  From this point, Malison decides that she has to find her parents and rid herself of the curse – proving to God and Satan, that even fallen angels can change.

Malison is hunted by both good and evil for her uncanny powers, all who are trying to use her for their own purposes, rather than to help her achieve her own goals.  Satan and God do everything they can to stop her from finding her parents - they know if she does, the curse will be lifted; highlighting a weakness in both of them.

Set in a Gothic world of tall buildings with stained glass windows and high towers peaked by gargoyles; strange creatures roam across the lands and hide in the deep caverns of the underworld preparing for the coming of the chosen one.

whispers say when the chosen one finds what she seeks, she will turn on both sides destroying them forever leaving neither good nor evil.

Here is a sneak peek at how its developing.


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