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MALISON - Duncan Gutteridge & Victor Wright


Artist Duncan Gutteridge came to me with an idea this spring about a girl, who at the coming of age went on the hunt for her parents. Nothing new there you might say, but hold on a minute, what if her parents were an angel and a demon?  And they had been cast out of both Heaven and Hell because of their affection for each other.  And what if the child could feel neither love nor hatred and if she did there would be catastrophic consequences, further more she was on Earth, whilst her parents were in limbo.


For more new on this story - click me


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Geeky Comics launches ‘The Geeky Book of Horror’ on Kickstarter July 7th – J J Robinson is just one of the four horror writers sharing their darkest stories.

“Scales” by JJ Robinson

“If you are doing something that you are entirely comfortable with, that is probably because you have done it before. Or somebody else has done it before. So there is actually little point in doing it again. Always take on incredibly difficult and hard projects that will probably be the ruin of you.” 
-Alan Moore.

It was this quote which kept metaphorically punching me in the face when I was initially asked to contribute to ‘The Geeky Book of Horror’. What could I write to convey horror that perhaps has not been written before? (“Perhaps” being a caveat, as at this juncture omnipotence is not a feature I contain within my locker...however, one lives in existential hope!)How would I go about doing this without falling into clichéd, comfortable, ultimately palatable sated traps? 

I came to the conclusion I had to write on a deeply personal level about that which terrifies me the most...loss.

Ball Park...the loss of family, specifically... the loss of a partner, the loss of children...How would I imagine that felt? Whatever, this was going to be a piece of cake. I mean how difficult could it be right? It’s not as if any of it is real! 
And from this was born the script “Scales”.

Although the story and the situation are from a fictional concept, I still wanted to make it as real as I possibly could while trying to elicit an emotional response from the reader. In order for that emotion to be grounded I would have to put myself into that pitch blackened place and draw from my own loss, no problem.
After writing this ‘easy’ assignment for a couple of days, this is from a mail I sent over to Vic at Geeky:

“On panel 15 today, I've stopped writing....because what I'm writing makes me incredibly sad. It makes me question myself about where this darkness could so easily crawl from."

To write the script and to be in the headspace I inhabited became incredibly distressing and had me cast adrift from my comfort zone, which became so far distant I wasn’t sure whether it existed any more. Never the less the day after writing to Vic I decided to finish the script, no... I needed to finish the script. And I am so glad I did, because something quite wonderful and uplifting happened. The story got away from me, it was no longer mine to complete. As It began growing organically (ok, here comes a clichéd bit I was trying to avoid) it took on a life of its own and started to write it’s self!

While hurtling towards its heavy doom laden conclusion, from out of nowhere the story suddenly took a sharp and unexpected turn. The bleak claustrophobic pages began opening themselves upwards and outwards, letting in the light to bring about an ending I neither plotted nor indeed foresaw.

I had found beauty whilst playing with monsters.

As I’ve said previously the story comes from a very personal place...But having spoken with people since, I now believe this not to be the case. It’s not personal at’s a place we all share...a place we all dread...a dark, raw, primeval place. We know it exists for others, we see it on the news, we read about it in the papers, but could never contemplate existing within it ourselves...Because down that dark constricting pathway, surely only madness lies? 

Now for me...that’s horror.

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Geeky Book of Horror – Spotlight...
Rainman by Nathan Slack


In just under two weeks, Geeky Comics will unveil their latest venture on the crowd-funding platform Kickstarter - ‘The Geeky Book of Horror’ is an anthology for today’s legions of horror fans. The book stars some incredible talent from the indie comic marketplace – Nathan Slack (Risen) is one of those featured story tellers.


Nathans ‘Rainman’ turns the London Gothic scene into a haven of terror. His vampric tale is a psychological story set in and around London's Camden Town Locke.


 Paranoia and psychosis brought on by the abuse of psychotropic drugs are the order of the day; his characters don’t know if what they’re seeing is real or not.


“I was inspired by a local graffiti artist known only as the ‘Rainman’ – whose paint donned a shop front at the top of my road, a block of flats along the route to Trafalgar Square and a toilet cubicle in the only Goth pub in London that had a dress code. It always fascinated me – who was the Rainman?”


Nathans’ story of obsession features a Goth girl called Sinead. Whenever she turns out the lights the Rainman is lurking in the shadows. But it’s not just the darkness she is afraid of for the Rainman appears everywhere. 

Joining three other horror writers, Jeremy Biggs, John J Robinson and award winning author Victor Wright, Nathan is sure to be a hit with the books readers.

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On July 7th Geeky Comics will be launching a Kickstarter campaign for a horror anthology. The graphic novel will feature some top talent, including Mario Gully, the guy behind Image Comics hit series ‘Ant’ and the upcoming ‘Dirty Bones’.’s fans will be pleased to see him taking on a new style, much darker but incredibly detailed as they are used to seeing. When asked about his part in the anthology, Gully brimmed with excitement and was enthralled to become part of the project.

“It is an honour and a pleasure to be contributing to Geeky Comics: Geeky Book of Horror. In my many years of being a comic book professional this is the very first anthology I have joined forces on. Why? Maybe it's because I feel this anthology is passion project vs. a "Let's do a book for the sake of doing a book" project. Maybe it's because I believe in the quality and vision of Geeky Comics. Top notch in my humble opinion. Maybe it's just as simple as this is a really cool freaking book that I wanted to be a part of!! Well, that's it!
It's my vision to bring a top quality incentive to help generate interest in this wonderful group of talented individuals. When I had the opportunity to draw and ink a killer GRIM REAPER in "Leap of Faith" I jumped at the chance and poured as much dynamic detail as my fans are accustomed to seeing from me. I hope everyone will check out this book and help contribute to make this dream a reality!

You won't be disappointed.”

Mario O.M.G Gully
 To keep up to date with news about the Kickstarter campaign and Geeky Comics please visit or

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