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CURSED - The real Fate of Atlantis 


Have you ever wondered what really happened to Atlantis? Did it disappear into the depths of the ocean? Or was there a fate, far worse waiting for it? For centuries after its disappearance, people have searched for the lost empire, but as of yet, the secret of its demise, remains unknown.  Until now.....


The City of Atlantis was a rich affluent land, its people advanced, educated and peaceful. Protected by a battle-hardened army, its realm, Emperor and inhabitants, lived without fear from those who are jealous and misguided.

The Emperors warriors had battled against the odds, uncovered strange beasts and fought the legions of un-dead, from the dark under realms and won.  His armies, both male and female, each as deadly - showed no fear in the face of battle. But now, they must overcome their biggest plight in order to discover the whereabouts of Nepfalium. A sorcerer, darker than the blackest pits of hell.


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Just a little girl when her father was taken prisoner of war, eight-year-old Poppy is elated to have him return home, only to lose him again to a supernatural phenomenon. The devastation grows when her mother becomes catatonic, unable to communicate and a local news station reports a bizarre series of murders. As Poppy grows older and shows interest in solving the riddle of her father’s disappearance, her grandmother is adamant that she stay out of harm’s way.

Sent to a Seattle boarding school, Poppy almost finds a normal life, until as a young college coed, she comes across the lead investigator in the ‘crucifixion murders’, all of which seem to link back to her father’s disappearance. He’s young and gorgeous and interested in Poppy. Better yet, he could be the key to finding her father.

Poppy soon finds herself in a twisted reality where angels and demons exist, and the battle for Heaven and Hell is raging. Discovering her central position in all of this, she remains strong and focused, not caring about the danger to herself, even as she prepares to face Seribulous the son of Satan, desperate to save the souls of innocent angels on which he and his minions have been feeding.

Danger lurks around every corner and Poppy, Brendan, and her family must band together with a united front to save themselves and to fight against evil incarnate.


Paperback format - 337 pages


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T.E.A.L(Total Elimination of All Life)


When the Earth is all but finished, the human race decide to find another planet to inhabit.   But the occupants of 1304 don't want the earthlings to spread their diseases, bring crime and violence - so they quarantine them, till they can decide what is to become of the visitors.


Impatient and fearful for their lives the humans decide differently and attack the new race turning their planet into a haven of un-dead terror.


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